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Feed Your Practice; Filet Mignon on a Cheeseburger Budget

Call it the pregnancy cravings or whatever you wish but right now all I can think about is two things: good food and group practice! Let me ask you something. How confident is your practice? Not how confident are you, but if your practice was a living breathing thing, how confident would it be? Would it know what to do if hard times came? Could it sustain if there were major cash flow concerns? What if you’re billing was negatively impacted? I’d say the majority of practice owners, if they were being honest, would say it’s not all that confident.

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My Big Idea!

I used to think my big idea was running my practice but as my systems have become more automated, I find myself looking for bigger ideas. Sometimes I wonder if I just like to torture myself by starting new projects but then I realize that I’ve always been a creator, and I know that I would have nearly as much meaning in my life without the ability to alway be creating.

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Top Three Employees for Your Practice

I don’t think anyone could possibly disagree that finding the right people can make or break a business. I mean think about it, people are unpredictable, sometimes selfish, and mostly look out for themselves. On the flip side, there are people that do exist that are loyal, committed and passionate in the same ways that you are. Finding the best qualities of yourself and replicating those in your top three employees, can not only help your business to scale but to sustain, and that’s what’s important!

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