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I Pay $200/M for Access to a Consultant

In 2015 I started my practice and at that time I barely realized that consulting was a “thing”. The only person that I knew of as a support was a local consultant and lobbyist that offered “support” to practices in regards to changes in laws, policies with the state’s Medicaid and Waiver programs. The cost of $200 was definitely an investment, and I paid it monthly regardless of whether I needed support from him or not. He would send out email updates and answer questions if any were to arise throughout the month. Do you think that’s a fair price and is it worth it? I’ll answer by saying the same thing I used to hear in my college days working in car sales. “A good deal is a state of mind.” For me, it was worth it because that peace-of-mind I had from having someone in my corner was what I needed to push on semi-confidently.

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Comprehensive Practice Support without the Costs

Have you found yourself in a position yet where you need the support of an HR professional but your budget is screaming NO? What about a marketing specialist but you can’t afford $1000 a month in fees and don’t know how to do it yourself? Maybe you’re trying to save money by doing your billing yourself but you’re stuck with a large amount of denied claims and no idea what to do with them? At Mindsight Behavioral Group we have a comprehensive group of experts that lead our own behavioral health group, that also believe other group practice owners should be able to get the answers they need, when they need it at a fee that’s affordable.

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