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Buy the Damn Corvette

As business owners we work so hard. We often go without and sacrifice our time and energy to feed our business. We hope that with enough care, nurturing and fuel, we can grow something that will one day take care of us as we have done for it. In many ways it becomes our baby. Not just any baby, but our first baby that we sanitize everything for, wake up every 30 minutes to make sure it’s still breathing, and the one that we won’t consider letting any one else hold.

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A Day in the Life of a Bee

In case you’re wondering why in the world I’m referencing a bee, go back and read the blog on branding! When I tried to think of an icon or symbol that most symbolized me and my systems of beliefs, the bee was by far the most fitting. Not to mention bees have been on my mind a lot lately since my company, Mindsight Behavioral Group, has been working to identify our Queen Bee Role. Mike Michalowicz’s new Book Clockwork sparked this sense of exploration and my staff and I have been on a journey to find our QBR for the last 4 weeks. (We’re starting a bookclub if you’d like to join.) You may be wondering, WHY? Why write about a day in the life of Kasey? I recently asked an online community for talking topics for my recent podcast with John Clarke. There was an overwhelming request to know what a typical day of my life looks like, so here it goes!

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"The Book that Blew Up my Practice"

I've always loved to read. As a kid I enjoyed fiction books, as an early adult I forgot what a book was, and now I love reading books on leadership, business, and entrepreneurship. As I sit here typing this blog, behind me stands a wall of shelving, full of books. I have everything from Tribe of Mentors, Originals, The Ideal Team Player, Top Secret to Twilight.  If you were to look at my bookshelf, you would notice one thing right away; that's the twenty-five copies of Profit First directly in the center of the shelf.

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“What Am I Doing That They’re Not?

Nearly a year ago I made a very difficult decision to invest in a mastermind group with Joe Sanok with Practice of the Practice. At this time I had a good practice, a lot of passion and a ton of purpose, but what I didn’t have was a community of like-minded supporters.

Fast forward eleven months... I was given such an amazing opportunity to come face to face with that group of supporters that I desperately needed eleven months back. That group of private practice owners all came together in Traverse City Michigan, at a little place called Slow Down School. This is where my view of life began to shift and my perspective on work/life balance changed.

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