A Day in the Life of a Bee

In case you’re wondering why in the world I’m referencing a bee, go back and read the blog on branding! When I tried to think of an icon or symbol that most embodied me and my systems of beliefs, the bee was by far the most fitting. Not to mention bees have been on my mind a lot lately since my company, Mindsight Behavioral Group, has been working to identify our Queen Bee Role. Mike Michalowicz’s new Book Clockwork sparked this sense of exploration and my staff and I have been on a journey to find our QBR for the last 4 weeks. (We’re starting a bookclub if you’d like to join.) You may be wondering, WHY? Why write about a day in the life of Kasey? I recently asked an online community for talking topics for my recent podcast with John Clarke. There was an overwhelming request to know what a typical day of my life looks like, so here it goes!


First things first. There’s really no such thing as a “typical” day when you have a group practice with about 80 employees and growing. I’m going to summarize a typical week and cram it into one day for the sake of time.

At this point in the life of my practice…

The majority of my involvement lies within a few key things:

  • Financials- This includes payroll, Profit First transfers, and cash flow management.

  • Big Picture Problems- Anytime there is an issue that requires a different perspective than most of my administrative and support staff currently have such as serious issues that can arise, major staff issues, and hiring needs when it relates to budget.

  • Innovative Growth & Development- I’m always thinking of new ideas, marketing strategies, ways to keep an edge in our market.

With this being said, my daily involvement consists of answering questions that others can’t answer or don’t feel comfortable answering. After reading Profit First one year ago, I try to be very conscious and leave my ego at the door each day when I arrive. I try not to insert myself into my practice’s routines unless absolutely necessary. I want to empower my staff and give them the freedom and support to make decisions using their best judgement (and hope they make the right one).

If you were to look at my calendar, I’m scheduled for three days a week to work at my practice.

On those days I wake up about 6am. I leave the house by 7am with my oldest daughter, leaving my husband and youngest daughter at home in bed. I try to keep the two kids separated when it comes to riding in the car together because I prefer to start my day out in a calm way, without fighting! I drive my oldest child to school and from there usually go on over to the office.

As long as there’s no controversy like being out of toilet paper or printer ink, my mornings usually start off pretty smooth. If I’m lucky I can sneak in and no one even knows I’m there for a good 45 minutes or longer. I take a peek at my schedule and make sure there are no consulting calls scheduled that I need to prepare for and get on with my morning.

3-Second Dashboard & Profit First Accounts

I take a look at the company’s Dashboard which I’ve created in Google Sheets and shared with the contributing staff. I check to see how many claims were submitted the previous day, how many denials were worked, how many referrals came in, how many were scheduled and how many declined. From the 3-second look at this dashboard, my next steps are determined.

The second thing I do is check the Profit First Income account to see if we are on track to meet our bi-weekly accounts receivable goal. Once I see that number and compare it to the Dashboard, I immediately know if there is anything I need to troubleshoot. These two metrics alone give me a great overview of the health of my practice. If I take a look at these two KPIs a couple times a week, I can diagnose major problems before they get out of hand. Think of it as the KPIs on your dashboard are the symptoms of a much greater diagnosis if left untreated.

Generally speaking, if are claims are up, but our revenue is down, I know there is a billing problem. Maybe one of our payers has a system issue that is causing claims to deny right out of the gate. Maybe we are getting denials and no on is working them. Maybe we are making too many mistakes on the front end (with insurance verification and the setup) and due to that reason, a high percentage of the claims could be denying.

If our claims are low, I know we have a productivity problem. This usually requires me taking a look at the clinician’s time-sheets and figuring out what’s going on. Is it that several people have been on vacation? Is it that some clinicians are having trouble with retention of clients? Is it that clinicians are seeing clients but not completing their notes on time? All of these are issues that can easily be corrected, if detected early by using a dashboard.

These two parts of my day will usually determines how the rest of it will go. If my Dashboard journey goes well, I might go home and relax. I might work on improving our website. I might continue to develop my Learning Track program designed to recruit and retain quality employees. I might create a dashboard for a consulting client!

Just in case you’re wondering, here are some other things you might see me doing if you were a bee on the wall at Mindsight…

  • Cleaning up the mess my husband made in our conference room.

  • Helping a therapist who has a client that just stabbed another child at school with a pencil.

  • Trying to catch our Office Ghost on the camera system.

  • Firing my Director of Details for the 4th time in a week.

  • Joking with our Billing Coordinator about drinking vodka for lunch (I don’t even like vodka).

  • Coaxing our Human Resources Director into doing another Mindsight Facebook Live.

  • Or just coming up with new ideas that with provide everyone with a little added job security.

At this point I am tied up with completing payroll, making decisions that will affect the overall direction of the company and designing growth strategies to keep our services cutting edge. I’m present in the building not because I HAVE to be but because I WANT to be. I’m writing this blog at 8:40pm on a Friday night, not JUST because I have not life, but because I felt inspired to share a part of me.

I care about our mission at Mindsight, our values and our brand promise and I want others to see that.

Can I leave anytime I want? Sure. At this point, I do what I feel is necessary to continue cultivating the culture that my employees deserve!

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Kasey Compton
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, M.ED, LPCC-S