Top Three Employees for Your Practice

I don’t think anyone could possibly disagree that finding the right people can make or break a business. I mean think about it, people are unpredictable, sometimes selfish, and mostly look out for themselves. On the flip side, there are people that do exist that are loyal, committed and passionate in the same ways that you are. Finding the best qualities of yourself and replicating those in your top three employees, will not only help your business to scale, but to sustain, and that’s what’s important!

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So, if you believe my previous statement, then what does that mean for you? In order to scale a practice, I believe the following three employees, with the right attitude can help you take your practice to the next level. Read on, and see what you think!

Who are your Top Three? Here are mine.

  1. Your First Point of Client Contact- this could be different for anyone, but this is usually the client and/or referral source’s first point of contact. This person needs to be overly warm and fuzzy, friendly, caring and possess a genuine desire to do what’s best by your clients. We tend to use this person in multiple roles.

    1. Director of Marketing & Community Outreach. This would be the warm and fuzzy that goes outside your office and builds relationships in your community. This person “puts the face with a name” so when someone thinks of Mindsight Behavioral Group, they automatically see this person’s face.

    2. Client Care Coordinator. This would be the warm and fuzzy on the other end. More-so in the role of a Referral Coordinator. This is the person that schedule’s the client’s first appointment, who follows up with them to make sure it met their expectation, that communicates back to the referral source and lets them know that their patient was seen. This is the person the client wants to call if they have an issue. They’re the one that does random satisfaction surveys to make sure we’re doing the best we can do.

  2. Your Biller. Maybe you outsource your billing and they’re amazing, but nevertheless, the person responsible for bringing in your revenue has to be top notch. (I heard that Jeremy Zug guy at Practice Solutions isn’t too terrible :) Just kidding! He does actually know what he’s talking about. I’ve asked him lots of questions!) If you’re a cash pay practice, this would mostly fall back to the person that ensures all the session fees are collected and posted properly, communicates the expected process to your staff and ensures that it is followed to the T! Maybe your system is so great that you don’t even need this person. If that is the case, then this role would turn into something like this.

    1. The person responsible for your marketing, whether it be face-to-face marketing or online like SEO or Google Ad Words. If you don’t need a biller then I would recommend spending that time and energy on generating more clients at an even higher rate.

  3. A Crazy HR Lady. I talk about my crazy HR lady all the time on podcasts and in blogs, but I’m really not kidding. You need someone who is like the glue and holds the personal relationships within your company together in a way that is strong and sustainable. If you select the wrong person for this position you will be spreading influence to all of your staff in a way that is certain to cause conflict on down the road. Here’s what you need to look for in this role.

    1. Someone who can handle a lot of drama and sometimes even BS. I’d love to sit here and tell you that as mental health professionals we don’t get involved in nonsense but that would be a big fat lie! I’ve seen more crazy things in this line of work than anything else I’ve ever done. This can be a mentally exhausting job and it’s definitely not for everyone. It takes a skill that not all of us have!

    2. Someone who can correct a staff member in a way that they’ll thank them on the way out the door. So we all know those people that can put us in our place and we’re still smiling afterwards. That’s what your HR person should be able to do. This is so important for people to mind the boundaries but at the same time they feel cared for. Which is what we want, right?

    3. Someone who is able to see the big picture view of every situation. As group practice owners we’re always trying to look at the situation from a “bigger picture perspective”. That’s what differentiates us from employees. Your HR person needs to see how all of her potential choices and interactions can have an impact on your practice.

Need a Crazy HR Lady?

All of these Top Three employees are important and need to work in sync to maximize your practice. My own practice has grown a ton in the last year due to each of these crucial roles, especially my Crazy HR Lady. She’s become so good that we’ve decided to outsource her work to no more than two other practice owners. It’s great for me because she get’s to analyze other practice’s and their situations and it helps her to grow overall in her role with Mindsight. If you don’t have a Crazy HR Lady and need one, you can apply to work with mine!

I truly believe that growing a private or group practice varies so much in so many ways, but I’ve never seen any practice that didn’t thrive executing each of these roles to their maximum potential. I’d love to read your comments about your Top Three! I’d love it even more if you’d be the first to subscribe to my new blog!


Kasey Compton
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, M.ED, LPCC-S