How I Used a VA in the Last 14 Days

A year ago I didn’t even know what a Virtual Assistant was. The pure thought of it was unfathomable to me. Now, I have a VA company, my practice is exponentially more productive, and I understand the true value of having a creative team beside me!


In case you were wondering, I use VAs for all the non-crucial systems in my practice. In other words, in a practice our size I like to have certain people “in-house” like my Front Desk Coordinator, Client Care Coordinator and Billing. I use my VAs to do pretty much everything else!

I don’t know about you, but I get all my hair-brained thoughts and ideas while in the shower.

Sometimes it’s math on the steamed up glass and other times it epiphanies. Tonight was one of those epiphanies. I thought to myself, in the last 14 days I sure have got a lot accomplished with my VAs. Then my mind started going through the list. I found it interesting enough that i’m pushing back my bedtime (from 8pm until whenever I finish this blog) to share it with you!

VAs in 14 days:

  1. FOUR Behavioral Health Clinician job postings on our company’s website and shared through all Social Media outlets. LAURA, HUMAN RESOURCES VA

  2. Don’t even know how many but a lot of phone screenings from applicants and several interviews via ZOOM. LAURA, HUMAN RESOURCES VA

  3. Outlined some strategies for alternative pay structures for employees that would achieve our goal of acquiring clinicians will all of the qualities: Humble, Hungry & Smart. LAURA, HUMAN RESOURCES VA

  4. Hosted 6 Team Meetings to ensure cohesion, communication and culture through the company. LAURA, HUMAN RESOURCES VA

  5. One new hire on-boarded, completion of HR paperwork and all necessary employment stuff. LAURA, HUMAN RESOURCES VA

  6. New hire integrated into our company’s online Training Program through Teachable. LAURA, HUMAN RESOURCES VA

  7. Three new Facebook Cover Photos designed for our page to highlight events, seasons and services. JAKAYE, CONTENT CREATOR

  8. Website updated with new member requests, new staff and services. KIRSTEN, DIRECTOR OF DETAILS

  9. Clinical training course recorded, converted, edited and posted into Teachable. KEN, SYSTEMS & PROCESSES VA

  10. I got the feeling that some of our clinicians may not be having their new clients complete the Intake Consents through Intake Q prior to their session, so a full audit was done of all current clients, and the completion/incompletion of their consents (there was a lot). KEN, SYSTEMS & PROCESSES VA

  11. New consents emailed out that were missing from the chart with a tracking system created to continue this quality assurance measure quarterly. KEN, SYSTEMS & PROCESSES VA

  12. We have been creating the curriculum for a program that we will propose to the state for approval. Once approved we can provide the training to individuals state-wide. We needed the entire 56 page typed program converted into a slideshow. KEN, SYSTEMS & PROCESSES VA

  13. Build a a group practice’s training/on-boarding program in Teachable. TRACY, HUMAN RESOURCES VA

  14. Uploaded assessments into Intake Q for electronic use. TRACY, SYSTEMS & PROCESSES VA

  15. Social Media designs for a Food Drive Project, Project Prom, Blessing Boxes and so many other community events I can’t even remember. ZACH, CONTENT CREATOR

  16. An increase of our Instagram followers by creating a 14 slide mental health story that will be posted. KIRSTEN, DIRECTOR OF DETAILS

  17. A quick infographic reminder of an important upcoming training that our staff needed to register for and attend. KIRSTEN, DIRECTOR OF DETAILS

  18. Approximately 10 designs for a new logo for a program that Mindsight will be launching in the summer! KIRSTEN, DIRECTOR OF DETAILS

  19. Scheduled out social media content for the next month. ME (couldn’t resist)

  20. Responded to all of my emails that wanted information, forms or content sent. KIRSTEN, DIRECTOR OF DETAILS

I’m sure there’s more but those are just the things I came up with while in the shower. Although I like to think I could, I know that there’s no way I could have accomplished all this in the last 14 days AND the crazy thing is, most of the VAs don’t a full week. Think about that, they get so much done in so little time and I love it!

As my practice continues to grow, I try to keep in perspective that I need to be the Designer of the company, not the Doer. The VAs on my team allow me to experience the fun of that because I can design and start a project, explain my vision, and then allow my team of organized and creative people to execute it!

If you want to learn more about IF a VAs is right for you, schedule a call with Kirsten, our Director of Details and she can help you make that decision!

VA’s what have I left off??? Post it in the comments!


Kasey Compton
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, LPCC, NCC