Comprehensive Practice Support without the Costs

Have you found yourself in a position yet where you need the support of an HR professional but your budget is screaming NO? What about a marketing specialist but you can’t afford $1000 a month in fees and don’t know how to do it yourself? Maybe you’re trying to save money by doing your billing yourself but you’re stuck with a large amount of denied claims and no idea what to do with them? At Mindsight Behavioral Group we have a comprehensive team of experts that lead our own behavioral health group, that also believe other practice owners should be able to get the answers they need, when they need it, at a fee that’s affordable.

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If you agree, keep reading because we have an offer that you can’t refuse.

Group Practice Support at your Fingertips

As a group practice owner I’ve faced all the same struggles that everyone else is facing. I can remember getting a notification in the mail from the unemployment center in my state where a former employee was filing a claim. Talk about instant panic attack! It was so scary because it was new and I didn’t know what to do. I found myself googling like a maniac, waiting on hold for hours for some guidance and still unsure if I completed everything correctly. That was just one instance of panic out of hundred during my time as a business owner.

SEO huh? I did the whole bootstrapping thing in the beginning to save money because I didn’t have much to start out with. I knew I needed a website but had no clue where to even begin. Do I pay to have one built or do it myself? If I do it myself what are some things that I must know? What is SEO? And how am I supposed to do that? Have you ever wished you just had an expert already at your fingertips to answer these questions for you, quickly and accurately without having to filter through all your friends, family and colleague’s opinions? I know I did.

I wanted to grow my group practice but had logistical issues standing in my way. Did I need one NPI or two, how do I link people to my group, how do I determine who the billing provider is…. So many questions and there’s only so much you can google! I searched for consultants that specialized in insurance-based group practices and could not find anyone. I ended up following Joe Sanok and Zynnyme because they were the only two that I could find. I remember emailing Joe several times asking for recommendations on a consultant for group practice consulting and always coming up short. There just wasn’t that much out there, or at least that I could find. At Mindsight, we love the idea of private practice but Mindsight Partners’ loves the idea of group practices even more! It’s a great way to earn residual income and build something much larger than yourself. Here, we have all the Experts needed to start or grow your group practice in one place, right at your fingertips!

The goal of MP is to bring within reach to a variety of experts at a cost that’s more than affordable! There’s no reason to pay a high price tag for one-on-one consulting when all you need is a couple of questions answered. There’s no need to join a mastermind group when all you need is some direction from time to time. We want to offer people the services they need, WHEN they need it, HOW they need it!

Who are the Experts?

We have a growing team of experts that have joined Mindsight Partners. Our core group of professionals are employees of Mindsight Behavioral Group that just happen to be rockstars in what they do on the daily! In addition to that we have other experts that have partnered with us supplement the services we are already offering. We use these professionals in our own group practice and would highly recommend them to you!

Meet the Experts


  • Trevor Pennington- Community Marketing & Outreach Wizard

  • Kirsten Wilburn- Director of Design, Social Media Content Coordinator, Content Creation

  • Emily Hopper- Project Manager, Startup Director

  • Jakaye Garth- Content Creation & Social Media Virtual Assistant

  • Zach Godsey- Content Creation & Social Media Virtual Assistant

  • Digital Tulip- Digital Marketing Specialists


  • Ciara Lewis- Queen of Denials and Billing Investigation

  • Vicki Edwards- Credentialing, Quality Assurance for payroll processes and client sessions, collecting and posting of payments and recon


  • Anne Napolitano- An experienced Profit First crew that is able to answer questions on the bookkeeping and accounting side of best practices in business and keeping clean books, accounts and records as a means to guide your business.

Human resources

  • Laura Poynter- Crazy HR Lady, Recruiting & Hiring Specialist and Culture Cultivator

front desk & Back office operations

  • Anita Kiser- Handles ALL incoming calls (over 200+ per day), manages scheduling, medical records requests, collecting and posting of payments, and other administrative tasks of an 80+ employee practice including Accounts Payable.

client care coordinator (qbr)

  • Britany Burrus (Bubbly Britany)- Referral Coordinator, manages over 250+ referrals per month, ensures our clients feel cared for, communicates with new clients through the entire intake process, administers client satisfaction surveys, builds relationship via phone and email with referral sources, and about 100 other things.

Onboarding & traning

  • Danielle Prater- Trains all new staff on clinical processes as well as EHR system, maintains regular communication for 90 days to ensure retention and competence, identifies clinical weaknesses and develops training programs to improve skills, answers all questions related to training, and on-boarding throughout the duration of employment.

  • Ken Meadows- Sets up all new accounts across ALL company systems: Teachable, Phones, Email, EHR, etc.

additional services

  • Josh Crowley, Pharm.D- Consults with group practices looking to bring on additional services like Med Management consults to their practice as well as how to maximize the client experience using psycho-pharmacology.

  • Lauren Snow, ARNP- Consults with group practices from a ARNP’s perspective

  • Tara Vossenkemper- Group Practice Owner Extraordinaire

We’re a little biased but we truly feel like the service that Mindsight Partners is offering is an invaluable one. Where else can you go to get all of this support for only $29.99 per month? I can’t swear to it, but I’m pretty sure the answer is NO WHERE!

If you’re looking for support AND peace-of-mind for your practice, we’d love to have you as a partner!


Kasey Compton
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, LPCC, NCC