Feed Your Practice; Filet Mignon on a Cheeseburger Budget

Call it the pregnancy cravings or whatever you wish but right now all I can think about is two things: good food and group practice! Let me ask you something. How confident is your practice? Not how confident are you, but if your practice was a living breathing thing, how confident would it be? Would it know what to do if hard times came? Could it sustain if there were major cash flow concerns? What if you’re billing was negatively impacted? I’d say the majority of practice owners, if they were being honest, would say it’s not all that confident.


What if I told you I’ve figured out a way for you to have a strong and confident practice, without breaking the bank?

Well I have, so keep reading!

You don’t have to break the bank to get your practice the support it needs.

I’ve owned a group practice since 2015 and I’ve seen it transform so many times that I’ve lost count. We went from a two person operation to an 80+ person operation in less than four years. One of the first questions that I get asked in interviews, podcasts, Q+As, etc., is “how do you do it?” Usually my answer is always the same.

I don’t do it, my Team does.

As a company grows the idea is to duplicate yourself in all of the areas that you can no longer sustain or don’t just don’t like doing. The key for me was bootstrapping in the beginning which forced me to learn all of the essential systems of a group practice. Once I learned them, I started hiring staff to duplicate myself and my system. I started with hiring a front-desk support staff to help answer the phone, convert clients, get them scheduled and entered into our EHR system. From there, the practice organically grew and every time we started to feel strained in a certain area I began to evaluate how I could afford to bring on the next person to grow my company.


Today we have about 14 administrative support staff who help run a group of 80 but many of them serve more than just one role. We try to creatively match people to their strengths and capitalize on those unique traits and turn them into assets for our company. Many of our staff work outside their “regular” role at Mindsight as a consultant or virtual assistant for my consulting business!

After about a year of consulting I have started to see some common trends in our industry. There are so many options out there for coaches, consultants, marketing gurus, copywriters, membership communities, e-courses…. You name it, it’s probably out there! I think it’s so cool that those options exist and each person has the ability to use their skillset to help other business owners in tremendous ways.

Another thing I have learned, which I didn’t realize prior to about two years ago, was that my group practice is quite large compared to most. Living in a small town in Kentucky I only knew what I saw and I was so busy running my practice that I only saw what was right in front of me. It wasn’t until I joined a mastermind group and became involved in some facebook groups that I realized my group was very comprehensive. Over the last year I’ve worked one-on-one with about 30 group practice owners and they all need the same thing.

Support without the overhead.

I’ve worked with people in a mastermind group that met their goals so quickly that they no longer needed the intensity of the consulting that I was providing (which is awesome)! What options did they have? Stop consulting and purchase another package when they needed help again? What if they didn’t need 12 months worth of help but they just had an important question that really needed answering? What if they got notification they were being audited and needed some guidance on what to focus on and how to get through such as stressful process? What if they needed some strategies for hiring a clinician that would not leave the practice after just a few short months because they were spending too much money on turnover?

This was such a common theme that my entire team was seeing so we decided to do something about it. After lots of round table discussions we kept coming back to the same question, how can we offer comprehensive support to other group practice owners, without the burden of a high price-tag. How can we create an extension of what we’re already doing at Mindsight and offer it to those that need it? How can we offer support in all of the major areas like human resources, billing, credentialing, marketing, training, growth and expansion, and office management in an ongoing and sustainable way?

We knew what we had to do! We wanted a service that would allow group practice owners to take what they needed, when they needed it, how they needed it. Something where they wouldn’t be locked in to a year long commitment for a service they may only need for one month. We wanted a way for everyone to enjoy the fulfillment of a filet mignon on a cheeseburger budget!

This is when Mindsight Partners was born!


Mindsight Partners is a unique opportunity to partner with a company that has the knowledge and experience to support you in growing and/or sustaining your practice. We have three levels of membership, however we are only launching our Bronze Level for now! We will do a full launch in July 2019 to include the Silver and Gold Partnership options! We kept the price-point affordable at $29.99 per month (introductory price until July that will be honored for all founding members for one year) because we think everyone deserves affordable support! It’s different from all of the other Membership sites for two reasons:

  1. It is an Expert-Led Group rather than a Member-Led group: Once you’re a partner you use the FB group to ask questions directly to the experts. It’s not designed as a group where members engage with one another and answer each other’s questions (although that’s great and you totally can and should), the purpose is to have a platform to get your question answered quickly by an expert in that area.

  2. You have access to ALL of the experts it takes to run a full-sized practice: Where else can you go and get all the experts in one place? If you’re anything like me, anytime you have a problem you’re googling the question or posting in a FB group and hoping someone can point you in the right direction! Here you just post your question and the expert most relevant to that question will answer it.

Words can’t describe how excited my team and I are for this project and opportunity to serve other business owners. We love the work with do in consulting and virtual assistant services but with Mindsight Partners we are confident that as we work as a cohesive team, amazing things can happen! We would love for you to check out our site, our offerings and considering joining us for support!

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Kasey Compton
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, LPCC, NCC