Stepping Back to Gain Perspective

When I was in the building phase of group practice, I was so laser focused that if you would have told me to step back to gain perspective I would have called you crazy. If you would have told me that I needed to give my business some room to breathe I would have told you that you had no idea what you were talking about. I’m certain the only stepping back I would have done would be to figure out how I was going to work harder.

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For those of you that follow me and my team, you may know that my husband, Trevor, and I just welcomed our third AND LAST baby into the family in late July.  He’s our first boy out of two girls and we couldn’t be happier. I was grateful that with this child that I own my own business which affords me the opportunity to take time off as I want without having to request PTO, get approval from my supervisor or any of that employee stuff.

Although it’s hard for me to completely stay away from work, having this time at home with the new baby has allowed me to step back just enough to gain some interesting perspective on all three of my current businesses. The concept of Slowing Down was foreign to me until last summer at The Practice of the Practice’s Slow Down School. Now, slowing down and stepping back has allowed me to see my business in a new light.

I want to start out by saying that this was not a purposeful act. I didn’t set out step back in order to gain perspective, it just kind of happened naturally for me. When I try not to solve my business’ problems, the answers are seeming to appear and that’s an amazing feeling. There’s something so interesting about how your mind can solve problems when it’s not being forced. Have you ever noticed that you might get your best ideas when you're driving down the road, in the shower, or sitting on a beach somewhere?

Since I’ve been out on leave here are a few things that have become very clear to me. The reason I’m sharing them with you is that maybe if given the opportunity, you could step back and gain perspective too.

  • There are certain parts of my business that I used to want to facilitate, but I don’t anymore. As I have been off there are certain things that I’ve been contacted about that now annoy me, when they never did before. I’m using this as an indicator that it’s time for a change. I think we all evolve as business owners and go through seasons of change. Most of like to get in there and get our hands dirty in the beginning, or handle certain tasks because we are the best one suited to make those types of decisions. Over time, as we change and our business grows, what once gave us a tremendous feeling of satisfaction can easily become a burden. This is nothing to be ashamed of. This doesn’t mean you’re selfish or lazy, it just means what makes you happy is now different. My advice to you is to recognize and embrace it!

  • There are so many missed opportunities in my group practice. My group practice, Mindsight Behavioral Group, runs pretty well based on the infrastructure we’ve built, however, there are things we’re missing. I’m talking about higher-level things like securing large contracts with corporations, judicial systems, etc. The in-house work like our referral system, office system, etc. are all just fine. I’ve known this for quite some time but just never really had the time or the clear mind to look at it with a fresh perspective that I have now. In going after these “larger deals” we are bringing insecurity to our company and more importantly, to our employees.

  • I really want to help other group practice owners more. I realize and accept that I’ve been known as the Systems and Processes gal, but I think even more than that my strength lies with Curating Strategy.  Over the last five years as a group practice owner, I’m certain that I’ve run across pretty much every barrier possible. There are two things that have kept us moving and thriving and those are persistence (I never give up) and strategy (there’s always a way). I remember when I was first starting my practice, my motto was, “if they can do it, so can I.”  I saw all these other businesses doing things and I was always running across a roadblocks. I knew there was always a way, because if they could do it, then so could I. Now I have the toolkit to help other practice owners overcome their roadblocks and implement strategies unique to their own brand, motto, and mission. That’s what I’m finding myself enjoying more and more and that’s what I want to do more of (hence the photo above, NashVegas).

I’m being totally serious. Over the last week, I believe I’ve had about 15 strategic ideas that will boost my group practice and my consulting business with just a few key steps. My Start-Up Director, Kirsten even texted me to tell me I needed to have more babies so I could have more ideas. Guess what my response was! 

I said, there are no more babies, but there may be more time off. When our minds are calm, the ways that we can solve problems, curate ideas, and implement brilliance is unstoppable!

You may be wondering what I”m going to do with this new perspective that I listed above? I can't’ tell you everything because some of it is going to be a surprise, but I can let you in on a few things!

  • I have decided there are only a few people that really possess the talent, vision and have the background experience to do what I do. When you find that person and it is your plan to hand over those tasks, you need to act. Think about people who know the ins and outs of your industry. Who has insider information on what you’re doing and how you’re implementing your vision? Are you mostly an insurance-based company, then think along those lines. Is your focus on self-pay boutique-style ownership? Then what’s your core system, the one that is most needed and most profitable in your business and thinks about people who excel there. I think I may have found this person to run certain aspects of our group that I no longer have any interest in running. So I’m acting.

  • Make a list of all the missed opportunities, and start delegating them out. Ever since I started the idea of “waste” was such a big stressor for me. How many clients are we losing because we’re not following up appropriately? How many billable hours are we losing because we’re not being diligent in our treatment planning and scheduling? For me, these missed opportunities fall right in line with the parts of my business I’m no longer interested in. So if things work out the way I hope, the person I have to replace me will be in charge of this!

  • We are expanding our consulting services and virtual assistant program! We have so many new offerings coming down the pipeline, one of them being our KC Consulting Roadshow (just kidding). Although it could very easily turn into a circus, we are taking the team on the road this fall to some of our favorite cities, the first being Nashville, TN. Our main goal is to increase our reach to potential consulting and VA clients and get to know you personally. We have found that we do the best work when we are personally invested in the practices of each and every person we work with. While we’re in Nashvegas we’ll set up shop in a local favorite and have an informal evening of “talking shop”. Have questions on the direction to take your practice? Ask us! Want feedback on a big idea? We want to hear it! Need help determining a structure or model for your business? We’ve got your back! Now we know that all group practice owners LOVE forms so everyone who signs up to participate will get a package of forms that were created just for this exclusive Meet Up event. These forms will include strategic pay-scale ideas, community marketing guides that have helped us to generate over 300 new referrals a month, and many more to keep you organized and ahead of the game!


It is my team’s goal to create something that feels natural and organic and puts people together in a setting that will evoke creativity, strategic thinking and fun! Coming from someone who is no nonsense and likes to get things done, believe me when I say the perspective you can gain from a little relaxation (and maybe a little wine) is without fail. It is my personal goal for the next year to use Stepping Back as a force to launch me and my team into another level of experts. My focus is on finding the executors and allow myself to be the designer. I can’t wait to see what happens as a result!


Kasey Compton
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, LPCC, NCC