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Not to Go Unpublished- FIVE P’s of PRIVATE PRACTICE

Practice owners come in all varieties; those that have a dream to go big, those that want to stay small with a practice that’s easily managed, and some see this private practice thing as a means to something else… like a Big Idea!  Whatever your intention, looking at your business through a lens of “automation” can help you get where you want to be, with less stress, less work and less time!

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A Day in the Life of a Bee

In case you’re wondering why in the world I’m referencing a bee, go back and read the blog on branding! When I tried to think of an icon or symbol that most symbolized me and my systems of beliefs, the bee was by far the most fitting. Not to mention bees have been on my mind a lot lately since my company, Mindsight Behavioral Group, has been working to identify our Queen Bee Role. Mike Michalowicz’s new Book Clockwork sparked this sense of exploration and my staff and I have been on a journey to find our QBR for the last 4 weeks. (We’re starting a bookclub if you’d like to join.) You may be wondering, WHY? Why write about a day in the life of Kasey? I recently asked an online community for talking topics for my recent podcast with John Clarke. There was an overwhelming request to know what a typical day of my life looks like, so here it goes!

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Supporting Your Brand Promise, Even if it Kills You!

So many of us are guilty of operating our business on the fly. Yes, the fly, not the bee. We make decisions based on what seems right in the moment. We make modifications to processes when things go haywire. What we don’t always do it keep our brand promise at the center of all things like we should.

After reading, studying and implementing Mike Michalowicz’s steps in his newest book, Clockwork, I’m here to tell you that living your brand promise will create a sense of purpose and alignment within your business. How do you do that? Keep reading.

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