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I Pay $200/M for Access to a Consultant

In 2015 I started my practice and at that time I barely realized that consulting was a “thing”. The only person that I knew of as a support was a local consultant and lobbyist that offered “support” to practices in regards to changes in laws, policies with the state’s Medicaid and Waiver programs. The cost of $200 was definitely an investment, and I paid it monthly regardless of whether I needed support from him or not. He would send out email updates and answer questions if any were to arise throughout the month. Do you think that’s a fair price and is it worth it? I’ll answer by saying the same thing I used to hear in my college days working in car sales. “A good deal is a state of mind.” For me, it was worth it because that peace-of-mind I had from having someone in my corner was what I needed to push on semi-confidently.

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