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I'm Sorry You Feel That Way

We all have our Achilles heel in our business, mine just happens to be feeling the need to satisfy every employee. I absolutely hate it when someone leaves the practice; I can’t help but take it personally. In my logical mind I know that I always do the best I can to help others but it’s not always enough. I’ll catch myself waking up at the crack of dawn with this on my mind or running through scenarios before going to bed. All the while I know that it’s impossible to make everyone happy, people are always going to leave, and life does go on but it doesn’t always make it any easier.

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"Is Your Culture & Brand Promise in Alignment?"

It wasn't until I read the book, Clockwork, by Micheal Michalowicz, that I went back and re-evaluated the alignment of my group practice, Mindsight Behavioral Group. This has been the craziest week!  On Monday, Clockwork arrived by mail.  I finished the book at 9:30 am on Wednesday morning. Thirty minutes later sat in on a podcast with Gordon Brewer and Mike Michalowicz. Thursday I had a meeting with all of my administrative and support staff to re-evaluate our Brand Promise and Queen Bee Role.  

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