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My Relationship with Numbers

Lately, I have been hearing many people say that the thought of looking at numbers in a way related to their practice causes absolute anxiety and disrupts their flow of life. During my experience working with other business owners I can 100% see this to be true. I see people do funny things just to avoid coming to terms with their financials.  How about the “purchase and pray” method where you don’t even consult a financial document before making a large purchase. Some choose not to know how much their monthly expenses are for fear of that anticipated up-roaring flood of anxiety. Some even like to hand everything off to their bookkeeper or accountant and assume that those professionals will tell them in they’re in trouble. Please understand, if you’re guilty of any or all of these things I’m really not poking fun at you. In reality, I’ve done every single one of those myself!  My relationship with numbers has not always been a good one, but I’m living proof that you can learn to make peace with your enemies [numbers] and possibly even learn to love them!

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