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Individual Consulting Packages

Welcome! We’re so happy you’re interested in learning more about individual consulting! When I was growing my business I looked tirelessly for a consultant who specialized in group practices and could never find one. I’m confident that if I would have had the guidance that I’m now able to give people, I could have avoided so many of the mistakes that I made building my group practice.

Take a look at the consulting packages I currently offer and see if any would be a good fit for your needs, I highly suggest choosing a consultant that has the approach you are looking for and whose expectations are in-line with yours. If you are unsure about what package is right for you, that’s no problem, just schedule a call with our Start Up Director and she’ll help you make the best choice!


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! My 12:3 and 6:3 Individual Consulting spots are now full unless all of your calls are scheduled prior to July 1st. I am accepting new consulting clients on a waiting list to begin September 1st! I will still be accepting PRN Consulting Calls, Practice Analysis w/ Call and Mindsight Partners! - Kasey

12:3 Individual Package

This package is designed for the serious group practice owner looking to make major movement in a short amount of time. You will receive weekly, 60 minute consulting calls for 3 months with intense focus and direction pointing towards pre-set goals, accountability, supplemental forms, tracking systems with dashboards included. You must be willing to dedicate and invest the time and effort towards meeting pre-set goals, attend each call prepared, and have tasks completed (according to their Let’s Take Action plan) at every session. $3600

6:3 Individual Package

This package is designed for the group practice owner that needs a little more time in-between to complete tasks and knock things off the To Do list. You will receive bi-weekly consulting calls for 3 months with direction pointing towards pre-set goals, accountability, supplemental forms, tracking systems and dashboards. You must be an independent worker and be willing to invest the time and effort it takes to meet goals and see results. $1800

Practice Analysis + Call

Do you need a good baseline on where you practice stands, including optimization level, potential profitability, etc. It’s hard to make moves in the right direction if you don’t know what you’re working with. Our Practice Analysis is a full practice overview based on a series of questionnaires you complete for each system of your practice. You’ll receive a detailed report of calculated analytics as well as explanations and recommendations for each system practice-wide. ALSO, you’ll get a 60 minute consulting call with Kasey to discuss your analysis and potential next steps! $1500

PRN Consulting Call

As needed, PRN calls to troubleshoot stuck points and other barriers to operating or growing your practice. This option is perfect for those looking for a commitment-free opportunity to get questions answered, reflect on a plan, or iron out strategic vision for growing or improving your practice. Schedule a call! $325

Mindsight Partners

Mindsight Partners are a creative group of individuals who have come together on one team, to build a company that provides high-quality behavioral health care with innovative strategies to scale and sustain a truly unique place to work. Mindsight is a full-service comprehensive behavioral health group that understands that not all group practices have the capability of having the in-house support of a billing team, human resources, client care, reception, intake and referrals, social media specialists, marketing directors, and office managers. Joining Mindsight Parters allows you the support of a large company without the costs!

Effective immediately we are launching the Bronze Level of Mindsight Partners. Silver and Gold Levels will be rolled out by the end of July with varying levels of support and attention.

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Business on Purpose

14-Day E-Course

Do you see and hear about other businesses that look like they're doing all the right things? These businesses are everywhere you look! Facebook, Instagram, podcasts, the newspapers... Literally, everywhere! Do you find yourself thinking things like, if I had the time I'd definitely be blogging more. I'd love to do more Facebook Lives. If only I had more staff I could get so much farther. Who can keep up with instagram stories? The thing is, it's not about trying to do everything. It's about finding the things that embody your brand's purpose and putting all your efforts towards those things.

If the purpose for your business is to serve the community in a dedicated, fun and creative way, then everything you do should support that. This course is about defining your company's purpose in a way that's not only clear to you, to your staff and to your followers but puts your business' next steps into perspective. If you've read Mike Michalowicz's book, Clockwork, this may sound a lot like the Queen Bee Role. If you think that, you are right and should definitely sign up for this course!!! In this course I will help you intentionally plan for growth while keeping your purpose in the forefront and in the heart of everything you do.

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