Group Coaching Services


Some business owners prefer a group coaching experience! We like to host heavily focused coaching groups, specific to crucial components in operating your business as a private practice owner. Check out our upcoming group coaching opportunities and reserve your spot now!

Group Coaching | Kasey Compton

Welcome to KC Consulting! My team and I are so happy you’re interested in learning more about Group Coaching! I’ve personally been a part of group coaching and as a result have created something that I think gives business owners the best of both worlds; the community of a group with the attention of individual consulting.

Take a look at the coaching packages I currently offer and see if any would be a good fit for your needs. If you are unsure if a package is right for you, that’s no problem, just schedule a call with our Start Up Director and she’ll help you make the best choice!


Group Coaching Packages | Starting January 2020-March 2020

Focus on Financials | Kasey Compton

Focus on Financials coaching package

This package is designed for the practice owner looking to feel more empowered with their financial status and their ability to make educated decisions about their business. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by Profit & Loss Statement, your Balance Sheet, dashboards, calculating optimizations, billing and aging reports, etc. then this group is for you!

You will receive weekly, 60 minute consulting calls for 6 weeks with intense focus and direction pointing towards pre-set goals, accountability, supplemental forms, tracking systems with dashboards included. You must be willing to dedicate and invest the time and effort towards understanding and OWNING your financials, attend each call prepared, and have any assigned tasks completed.

Topics addressed in group coaching sessions:

  • Determining and Understanding your Practice Baseline & Metrics

  • Creating and/or tweaking a dashboard to measure financials accurately and easily

  • Setting financial goals based on your practice’s model, your personal needs and future plans

  • Understanding financial reports such as Profit & Loss Statements and Balance Sheets

  • Strategies for using Profit First in a mental health business

  • How to use your financial status to build incentives, plan for growth, and become financially secure

  • Maximize profitability; work less and make more money!

Our first group starts in January $1250; Limited availability


Human Resources Group Coaching


Hire the right people, onboard effectively, train consistently, retain steadily!

Human Resources is the cornerstone of almost all businesses. In the field of mental health it’s challenging to find good clinicians, train them in a way that is effective and cost-efficient, and most importantly, retain them so all of your efforts aren’t for nothing!

If you’re looking to beef up your HR System then you will want to join this group! Our Crazy HR Lady will walk you through all the important components of having a streamlined HR system, complete with all the processes to keep your practice compliant and cutting-edge.

Topics addressed in group coaching sessions:

  • Determining your philosophy of hiring? What are you looking for in a candidate? How do you determine if they will be a good fit for your practice? Your interview questions? Keeping yourself in check during the interview?

  • Streamlining your hiring process- Posting your ads, using social media to draw in new staff, creating an ongoing system for interested applicants to get seen, automating your screening processes, keeping a list of potentials.

  • All the paperwork requirements when on-boarding new staff- HR Files, Policies & Procedures, Training Manuals, BAA, etc.

  • Creating and implementing a training program that will set your staff up for success

  • Systems for regular points of contact and review

  • Incentive systems that will help you retain your staff, increase your revenue and reduce costs!

Our first group starts in January $1000; Limited availability