Business on Purpose E-Course

Business on Purpose E-Course


This is a link to the online course through Teachable.

Do you see and hear about other businesses that look like they're doing all the right things? They're everywhere you look; facebook, instagram, podcasts, the newspapers... Literally, everywhere. Do you find yourself saying things like if I had the time I'd definitely be blogging more. I'd love to do more Facebook Lives. If only I had more staff I could get so much farther. Who can keep up with instagram stories? The thing is, it's not about trying to do everything. It's about finding that things that embody your brand's purpose and putting all your efforts towards those things.

If the purpose for your business is to serve the community in a dedicated, fun and creative way, then everything you do should support that. This course is about defining your company's purpose in a way that's not only clear to you, to your staff and to your followers but puts your business' next steps into perspective. If you've read Mike Michalowicz's book, Clockwork, this may sound a lot like the Queen Bee Role. If you think that, you are right and should definitely sign up for this course!!! In this course I will help you intentionally plan for growth while keeping your purpose in the forefront in the heart of everything you do.

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