Compensation Package-Has Arrived!

Compensation Package-Has Arrived!


Want to create a compensation package for your team that is based on hard numbers and not the ones pulled from thin air? Our compensation package has both flat rate 1099 and W2 models as well as Split models. They’re incentive based plans (they earn more per hours worked) that outline the Profit $, Company Cost, Employee Cost at each incentive level. You will have no question as to whether you can actually afford to pay your clinicians the rate you set after analyzing and utilizing this pay grid.

Additionally you will find a 2019 bi-weekly payroll calendar, an At A Glance Payroll Spreadsheet, Continuing Education Guide (how to pay for CEs) with extras, Formulas for determining pay structure and amounts, a New Employee Orientation presentation, Clerical Staff Full Time Employee Benefits Package, Clinicians & Case Managers Payroll presentation, and Therapist’s Full Time Employee Benefits Package including how to accrue PTO, etc.

**Looking for someone to do your editing? We offer a package to work with one of our amazing detailed oriented VAs that will customize the compensation package to fit your needs!

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