Purpose Driven Practice E-Book

Purpose Driven Practice E-Book


From the CCD of Mindsight Behavioral Group and KC Consulting, comes Purpose Driven Practice; Proven Processes that work! 

Kasey Compton, LPCC-S is an accomplished Mental Health Clinician, Entrepreneur and Chief Company designer of Mindsight Behavioral Group, KC Consulting, Mindsight Partners, and The Hive Properties. 

Kasey shares her knowledge of creating a purpose driven practice based on her own million-dollar practice, Mindsight Behavioral Group. 

"Throughout my work in the field of mental health, and as a group practice owner and consultant, I’m constantly re-evaluating what I’m doing, considering how I can improve, and asking myself what it is that people need more than anything. The one common denominator of all successful entrepreneurs seem to be their dedication towards their passion and purpose, along with a fundamental understanding of how to create systems to effectively run their business."

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