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Hello, I'm Kasey!

I'm a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, M.Ed, LPCC-S

I have worked in behavioral health field since 2009. Prior to becoming a counselor I was an elementary and middle school teacher. Finding my calling as a counselor during my work in the field of education came pretty easily. As a teacher, there were barriers and challenges which left me limited in terms of what I could or could not do to help my students. Professional counseling seemed like a great fit and perfect solution!

I believe that therapists deserve more. Therapists are often expected to give up so much of their time, energy and their own money to help people. I believe that therapists should get a HUGE return on all of that investment by creating a practice that works for them. I also believe in giving therapists the help they need both in consulting and through supportive and specialized virtual assistants.

Now I’m the Practice Designer at Mindsight Behavioral Group and a Business Consultant. As a result of both of those businesses a new one was formed, a specialized Virtual Assistant company with Kasey Compton Consulting. I hire and train virtual assistants to play key roles to operate and optimize other businesses just like the did mine!

No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team.
— Reid Hoffman, Linkedin

Virtual Assistant Services

We know how busy you are and how important each of these functions of your business are. The fact of the matter is, there’s just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. We believe that as business owners, you should focus on what only you can do AND what makes you the most money!

Content creation va

There’s not even a question that most everyone in the universe is using social media, right! The question is, are you using it WELL? Are you producing content of value? We can help you optimize that social media account right away!

  • 14 hours of Content Creation for print ads or social media

  • Personalized Trello board for project management

  • Access to effective content through Mindsight Behavioral Group

  • $350

  • Interested in our Community Marketing approach but don’t need a 14hr package, if a consulting call would work best for you, tell us that when you fill out the questionnaire! Community Marketing consulting calls are $75 for 60 min call. I want a call!

Process Va (AKA Chaos Coordinator)

Sure, you know you need an Intake System, but who has the time to develop it or capture it? You also need an On-boarding System, but where do you find the materials and when will you have the time to put it all together? You don’t, but we do!

  • 14 hrs of VA work (some packages may vary)

  • Personalized Trello board for project management

  • Access to over 500 documents developed through Mindsight Behavioral Group

  • Onboarding & Training programs can be personalized for your group, optional remote staff training.

  • Starting at $350

  • Interested in our Community Marketing approach but don’t need a 14hr package, if a consulting call would work best for you, tell us that when you fill out the questionnaire! Community Marketing consulting calls are $75 for 60 min call. I want a call!

Human resources va

Your practice is growing! You need to hire more clinicians but don’t have the time to post ads, screen applicants and interview. Once they’re hired, then what? Is it even worth hiring more people after considering all the time it takes to manage them? Yes!!! You just need an HR VA.

  • 14 hours of work

  • Personalized Trello board for project management

  • Access to over 500 forms in our HR Library through Mindsight Behavioral Group

  • $650

  • Don’t need a 14hr package, just want a consulting call, just tell us that when you fill out the questionnaire! HR Consulting calls are $150 for a 60 min call. I want a call!

Our Virtual Assistants

We have a dynamic team of highly skilled virtual assistants! This team has been trained within our founding company, Mindsight Behavioral Group, and have the knowledge from their experience in a group practice of over 80 employees and growing.

Human Resources VA | Laura Poynter


Having a Human Resources Director is a luxury that not all of us can have full time in our practice. It’s one of those positions that you don’t always know it’s importance until you’ve had one. For me, my Crazy HR Lady, Laura, helped my business recover from one of it’s biggest set-backs (if you’ve read my blogs or listened to my podcasts, you know what I’m talking about!). HR is not only there to ensure that all employment laws are covered, they set the tone for the culture of your company. Laura helped me to create a family-oriented environment for all of my employees, to grow, thrive and become the best versions of themselves. Whether you are looking for someone to post jobs, create necessary Policies & Procedures, screen and interview applicants, handle office disfunction, or another important role in your company, Laura has the ability to gain the respect of your staff and keep order within your company!

Social Media VA | Kirsten Wilburn

KIRSTEN WILBURN | content creation VA

I had always handled all of the design components of my business. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a little on the controlling side when it comes to how things are designed and perceived in my company. As we continued to grow so did the demands to keep up with updates to marketing materials, flyers outlining events in our community, press releases, Facebook Banners, rack cards to highlight areas of specialization, branding and a brand promise re-design. Setting up new staff emails became more time consuming, assisting with GSuite issues, and the daily demands of a growing practice started to get out of control. Not to mention I was ready to optimize my practice from a social media standpoint. This is when Kirsten came along. I chose her as our Director of Details and used her in all of the ways listed above. She has been trained in my practice in order to best optimize yours!

Dez Crowley | Systems & Processes VA


I know how important well-designed systems and processes are to a growing business. I spent three years creating documents, resources, tracking systems and communication measures that allowed me to scale my practice to 80 employees in less than three years. Dez is a Systems & Process VA who specializes in helping clients streamline office workflow and organization of forms and processes. She is able to utilize her attention to detail and passion for the English language to communicate information to your clients in the most effective way possible. As a group owner, I realize it’s not always what you say to a potential client, it’s how you say it. Dez has been trained on the ways in which my company helps clients feel cared for while securing the booked appointment, the follow up appointment and any additional add-on services to maximize the revenue potential of your practice!

Ken | Chaos Coordinator.jpg

Ken Meadows | employee onboarding & Training VA

I could have never differentiated my practice, Mindsight Behavioral Group, like I did if it wasn’t for progressive and innovative goals for training and retaining staff. When the company was new it was something that I did myself and while I love it and found the creative aspect of growing my company fun, I began to realize that my time was better spent other places. By this point I had come to know all of the most important components in hiring, training and retaining key employees, so I handed over all of those documents to Ken so he could create a seamless on-boarding process to my company. This system checked all the boxes and we knew we had something that could help hundreds of group practice owners. Ken is not only a VA for my company, Mindsight, but he also does VA work for other group practices just like yours. He can help you identify the core concepts and key systems in your On-boarding and Training process and make it come to life through tools such as Teachable and Google Drive!

Tracy Stevens.jpg


Having a Human Resources Director that is also a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate is like hitting the jackpot! Tracy is a clinician for Mindsight Behavioral Group and a Human Resources Virtual Assistant for KC Consulting. Tracy has a history of HR work in government-based establishments. She understands all matters that group practice owners face including the black, white and gray! Tracy has the insight to assist you with developing a greater understand of what clinicians want in an employer while keeping you in the clear on all of your required paperwork, recording and documentation. Whether you are looking for someone to post jobs, create necessary Policies & Procedures, screen and interview applicants, or another important role in your company, Tracy has the ability to help you maximize your time and efficiency so you can grow your business by doing the things that you’re good at!

Jakaye 2.jpg

Jakaye Garth | content creation VA

Do you know the feeling when you meet someone that is so passionate about what they’re doing that it’s contagious? Well, this is Jakaye! She loves design and creating beautiful things. Since I first met Jakaye I knew that she not only possessed the skills needed to do well in this position but she also had something extra. She is responsible, pays attention to detail and follows tasks through to completion which makes Jakaye a perfect asset to our company. Not only can she create beautiful things but she can do behind the scenes research (which I ask her to do a lot!), she is a great project manager, and does extremely well at cleaning up Chaos which is why we’ve added a new VA position called, Chaos Coordinator! This person comes in handy when you need forms re-typed and cleaned up, you want to present to your staff at your next meeting but don’t have the time to create the slideshow, your Drive is a MESS and in desperate need of organizing, your emails have developed a life of their own and there’s too many to track! Then you need a Chaos Coordinator NOW!

Zach | Content Creation.jpg

Zach godsey | content creation VA

We all need content creation to keep our social media accounts current and on trend with all the holidays, special days, themed weeks, etc! Zach enjoys working with social media ad creation and all of the boring numbers (his words, not mine) and graphs that go along with social media. He loves creating flyers for events and special project that business owners are involved with and is currently pursing a degree in graphic design and marketing! Zack is one of the most pleasant and kind people that our team has ever worked with!


Trevor pennington | community outreach + marketing

There’s nothing that can replace the value that face to face connection with others has on your business. Yes, SEO and Google Ads are important in tons of markets but never underestimate the power of community outreach and marketing. We started with a community-based approach at Mindsight Behavioral Group and used this form of marketing as planting seeds for scalability and growth. We choose to build relationships with people, businesses, and other staples in our community to use as a driving force for referrals rather than targeting clients directly through ads. This approach paid off immediately, and right away we were getting close to 50 referrals a month for a 2-provider group practice! Four years later, the seeds were sewn and we are consistently getting 250 referrals a month from these same community partners! I love helping other business owners develop the concept and implementation strategy for community-based marketing! If you’d like to learn more schedule a consulting call with me!


Want to create a practice that will allow you to meet your financial goals, provide a good life for your family, and give you an outlet to live out your big ideas?


All you need are strong systems and innovative processes to stabilize your practice.